Monday, January 4, 2010

Thoughts on Enhancing the Experience

When Shanen and I talked about starting the group, part of it was actually spending time cooking together, to learn from each other. I want to be sure we try to make a good portion of the meals we give each other together. There are some things that are easier to make ahead and bring, but the main flavor portions would be nice to do together. For example...last time I made the mashed potatoes and pie crust ahead of time for the pierogies, but saved the other veggies and adding of seasonings and cheeses for while we were cooking. It gives us all a chance to see how some people do certain things. I know Sarah and Mama P got to see my stress relieving technique of prepping garlic (take large knife and clove of garlic, place garlic on counter, using flat side of knife, smack garlic with all that pent up aggression, garlic mashed, no need to peel or use press. Chop to get minced. Fun had by all but the poor garlic.)

Just thoughts! See you all Friday!

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