Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not Just Food For Later, Its SO much more!

This group is wonderful in SOO many ways! My family learned last night that it isn’t just “Food In the Freezer” Not that any of us ladies thought it was. It is a great time for Momma’s to get together, and converse in the kitchen with other like-minded women, and still provide some meals for those rushed nights.

We discovered another great benefit last night. I cooked out of my normal comfort zone. As you all know, I’m NOT adventurous in the kitchen. I make basic beef & potatoes meals. Quite literally!

Last night I made Salmon Patties (Myself, because my family loved the freezer meal). They all were really excited and proud that I could (and would) make something so different!! I even kept the Green Peppers in. I don’t like peppers (do I?? I think I might!?!). I think this group is wonderful, and just wanted to say THANK YOU for expanding my thoughts in the kitchen!!

WE ALL really enjoy the simple, homemade meals!!! And, I do LOVE knowing that I can grab something out of the freezer on a busy day. Great, healthy, “FAST FOOD”. I will no longer resort to the Stoffer’s Meals that my mother buys & puts in our freezer!!! YEAH, REAL FOOD!!!


  1. I just found your blog and I love it. I get together with my neighbor and we make freezer meals as well. I love it! I love knowing that I always have something that I can throw in the oven. We did cinnamon rolls too, and they turned out great too.

  2. Great to have you here, April!