Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slight Category Change/Improvement

In the category of lamb/goat, you may also use deer meat, if you have access to it. Just be sure to give a little bit a taste test first, to make sure it isn't too gamey.
In the category of beef, you may also use elk, bison, and buffalo, if you access to it. Once the farmer's market is up and rolling again, this may be something someone would like to use.
In the category of birds, do not limit yourself to just chicken. If you have available turkey, duck, goose, or any wild game birds like guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, or some large bird options like emu or ostrich (available at the farmer's market) feel free to use them as well!
In the pork category, we are going to throw in the option of rabbit, as well. There wasn't a great place to put them, and that opens up options in the piggy place.
If there is something I missed, let me know! Hopefully we all get chances to use some of these meat markets/wild caught chances as they become more and more available in the greater metro area and some of us start raising them.

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