Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chicken & Noodles

When I make Chicken & Noodles it is usually a "clean out the fridge, throw whatever you have in the pot" meal.  This time I actually planned and prepared the chicken & noodles for our group.

1 Whole Chicken
5 Stalks Celery
2 c Chopped Carrots
1/2    Diced Onion
       Granulated Garlic (to taste)

Sautee the vegetables in a skillet & add to the bottom of your Crock Pot.  Cook the Chicken for 6-8 hours in the crock pot or oven with plenty of water (I usually put the frozen chicken in the crockpot before I go to bed.  Pull the chicken from the carcass & strain the broth to make sure there aren't any bones left in the broth (just veggies). 

I like to use several layers of cheesecloth to place all of the bones in & wrap it tightly to form a bag.  This allows me to continue to simmer & make a great bone broth without the worry of small bones in the broth.  I like to shred the chicken into large bite sized pieces & place it back into the broth.  Increasing the water level & letting it simmer for a day to make a great broth.


The wonderful home-made type are very personal, yet easy to make!
I like to make my Grandma's egg noodles, with a twist.  She always says that "Chicken & Noodles tasted better when she made it on the farm".  She thinks that it was the "REAL" chickens.  She means, free ranged, open air, eat all the scraps, REAL chickens.  The fat is so much better.  I also think it is the "REAL" eggs.

5 cups flour (Whole Wheat)
6 Eggs (REAL Farm Eggs)
1/4 C Oil (Olive Oil)

I make them in a bowl, but Grandma Makes them on the countertop.  Just mix everything together & form a ball.  Use more or less flour/oil as the dough-ball forms.  Roll into a 1/4 layer (I like them thick).  Cut as you desire (I like wide noodles, some like them thin).  Leave them on the counter or table to dry for a couple of hours (to freeze) or use them fresh (more like dumplings).

When you are ready to eat the soup, heat to boiling & add the noodles (with some of the table flour to thicken the soup).


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