Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lamb Skewers

This month, I made lamb skewers, sans skewer

I got the recipe here:

I used a mix of lamb, hamburger, and pork. I used homemade yogurt from goat's milk (from Ginger). The meat mixture turned out pretty runny and I couldn't get it to form up on the skewers. I'm not sure if it was the different mix of meat, or if it was the yogurt, which was kind of runny. So we ended up making patties and frying them.

They are meant to be served with the yogurt sauce on pita or flatbread. Feel free to also add lettuce, tomato, etc.

We had them for dinner last night and I thought they were pretty yummy, though I think it might have been better with a bit more seasoning and with all lamb instead of a mix of meat. (I couldn't find enough lamb.)

The yogurt sauce should freeze/defrost just fine. Either defrost in the fridge, or under hot running water.

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  1. You have some great recipes here! I just scrolled down a few pages and some delicious stuff! Thanks!!