Monday, January 11, 2010

February 2010 Lineup

First, the second Friday is the twelfth-is meeting that day going to interfere with anyone's Valentine's Day plans? If so, just let us know, otherwise, let's shoot for then. Noon at Abby's.

For February these are the categories:

Beef-Sarah R
Wildcard-Sarah D

Comment if you need help or have concerns!


  1. No concerns. It's my birthday though. :)

    If anyone needs I just sorted through my Cook's Country mags and they have a special feature each month for freezer food, I also have a CI book on baked dishes that freeze well. It is were the Moussaka came from. I was thinking that maybe we could create a lending library to browse and share from on freezer meal days?

  2. Maybe I'll have to have a birthday cake on hand...:) The lending library idea is awesome!
    As a note on here, if the recipe you are using is not your own, and you haven't heavily modified it to be your own, please mention where it is coming from. There are copyright laws with printed recipes, and the sheer courtesy to the writers. Anyone who has taken years to figure out after try after try how make something perfect doesn't want left out of the equation later when someone else has great luck with their recipe.

    If you all don't want to tote the recipes around with you, we can keep them here, too. Otherwise, if you have a great source for something, bring it with you.

    Another idea-I have been taking a serving or two from our regular meals and freezing them for a few days to a week then having them for lunch to see how it freezes-you know instead of experimenting with a whole meal :)

  3. Birds, what will I make, lol! Sorry ladies, I still havn't posted my enchilada recipe. I'll do that soon!!